Friday, June 1, 2012

Pics or GTFO

I haven't posted in a while I suppose because I've been "busy", whatever that means.
So here I am...I didn't plan this post out but I like that better than if I had....I just feel like posting pictures.
Today was my last day of school. My senior year is next. Not much of a day.

I had a picnic with some friends at a recreational area at this place called Santa Fe Dam.
It's quite nice, I go there semi-often. I have fond memories there.

This is the dress I was wearing. I had bought it the day before at this vintage shop called Lemon Frog Shop. I adore this dress. It's flowy and sheer and breezy.

The photograph looks ugly because it's an Instagram edited version of an Iphone picture of a Polaroid picture, but I put it because I like how I and it look.


This kid is amazing; he plays drums and guitar. He was the guitarist in my cell phone PSA.

Goodies. I baked banana nut chocolate chip bread, brownies, and lemon bars.

My friend on my bike, which I rode there, as I live quite close.

The band in my hair is a very pretty scarf I got for 50 cents at a thrift store.

This place is called The Smell. It's in LA. I saw some bands on a Thursday a few weeks ago. Not high quality pictures but it's a cool place, believe me.

My friend's beanie, my other friend's glasses, my mother's cardigan, my own velvet thrifted top.

Girl from orchestra. The blurry photos are smudgy on the edges because this occasionally happens when the lens of my camera is dirty, but I don't wipe it because I really like what it does to the pictures.

Outside of the performing arts center before an orchestra concert. I play the piano.
My sweater and skirt are both thrifted. The sweater is lovely; beading all around and it is lined and it is soft. The clock on my necklace is from a gift shop at the Palace of Versailles.

I saw Moonrise Kingdom yesterday. I had a sort of adventure, using the Metrolink without an actual adult present for the first time, although my mother was helping through text. I saw it at the Arclight in Hollywood. To my delight, Playful Pizzicato was used in the film, which is the second movement of Simple Symphony. We played Simple Symphony in orchestra for our concert, excluding Playful Pizzicato, despite having played it in class. So, it was nice to hear it in a movie coincidentally after just having been exposed to it a few months prior. Strange how these things seem to happen to me. Of course, there is the idea that these things always happen to people, but we only notice them after having been exposed. But still.

I was going to post more pictures but have decided I'll post them another time. That is all for now.

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  1. So ein toller Blog! Wirklich sehenswert. Ich folge dir nun, du mir vielleicht auch?