Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hello I am trying to make a zine about teeth. If you have anything you would be willing to submit I would greatly appreciate it!(Stories, fiction or nonfiction, pictures, drawing, WHATEVER) You can send it to or you could answer these questions:

I have only four followers but hey. Thanks:)


  1. I just filled out your survey and it is awesome!! I cant wait to order one of the zines.... I mean teeth are amazing!!!

  2. wait just a sec I can't figure out how to follow you which is annoying because your blog is great.... could you help? sorry!!!

    1. Thankyou for filling out the survey!:)
      also, the way I follow people is by copying and pasting their blog link onto my blog list on my dashboard on the side after clicking "add" I don't think this was clear but hopefully it helped?